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Oct 11, 2010

Guns N Roses - Slash

I've already raved about my memorable trip to Malaysia in one of my deviantART journal entries. Unfortunately, I'm not subscribed to that site, which prevented me from posting some of my "non-art-worthy" photos on my dA journal. That was unfortunate because one of the most awesome things that happened to me in Kuala Lumpur was getting to see Slash, formerly of Guns N Roses, perform live at the Sunway Lagoon during his world tour! I took a ton of pictures! xD Granted, most of them turned out blurred, but some are pretty decent.

Before going to the photos, let me just say that I'm not a huge Slash fan. Being a 90's kid, I was not familiar with most of the 80's classic songs, and the ones that I was exposed to were only the songs that my older siblings loved. As it turned out, none of them seemed to like listening to Guns N Roses much back then. Instead, I grew up listening to icons like Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Michael Jackson, Wham!, Enigma etc. So, I didn't even know who Slash is until very recently.

My cousins are huge fans of Slash and they dragged an unenthusiastic me to see his performance on August 5th. The only thing I was excited about was that it was my first concert - (not many performers come to the Maldives; at least, not ones I'm interested in) - so I was determined to have fun. However, I found out that I didn't have to try. I ended up totally enjoying myself. The songs were good (sung by Myles Kennedy) and the music was awesome.

And, of course, SLASH! He stole the show, hands down. (OK, so it was his show, but still) The guy has so much charisma on stage! Like my cuz, Sabi, said, "More than his skills as a guitarist, it's his profile that is really appealing. He's someone you look at and go, Whoa~! Now that's a rockstar!"

By the time the night was over, I'd become quite a fan. ^^;

Here are some of the miraculously unblurred pictures I took that night:

A shot of Slash and Myles Kennedy (he's an enthusiastic one. And you gotta love his hair ;P)

You can see the drummer clearly here. I forget his name, but he's brilliant! There was this drum solo in one song and ... -sigh- Definitely a highlight of the night :D

The vertical guitar - one of Slash's customary poses during the performance. Once, he even placed it on the back of his shoulders and played, but sadly, he put it down before I could take a snap of it.

A shot of him alone. We were pretty far away from the stage, so I couldn't take a closer shot. Any closer and the image turns out horribly blurred.

Slash's speech, in which he thanked the band and told the audience, and I quote,  
"You guys are f**king awesome!" 
He probably says that at the end of every concert.

Spooky green. The stage lighting was excellent. So excellent that - 

- it ruined what could have been one of the best shots of the night. Slash was on his knees and the other guitarist was beside him in a classic rockstar pose. The white lights behind them just had to go off the moment I took this shot. Bummer.

Take a bow.

Admittedly, there are more pictures from that concert, but there's no point in uploading the out-of-focus / unmemorable ones, right?

Another highlight of the night: at the end of one song, Slash played this long guitar solo halfway through which he began the first notes of the Guns N Roses classic, Sweet Child O' Mine. That single moment in which he switched songs was the most EPIC moment of the night. The audience went wild!

I recorded it, but that's for another post. I'll see if I can upload it later :)

Till then, ja! Hope you enjoyed :)

Oct 10, 2010

Poetry: "Walking Away"

Ah, when it comes to writing, the two things I feel that I'm genuinely good at are stories and poetry.

The first poem I'm posting here is in reality the last poem I've written up until now. And, truth be told, I must admit that it is also the one I'm most proud of satisfied with. I wrote it in less than an hour during a poetry-writing competition held by the English Literary Association of my school last year (2009). It turned out exactly the way I wanted it to and, with Allah's blessing, went on to win first place.

It's generally acknowledged by everyone that has ever read a poem of mine that practically no one can understand the full meaning of the phrases and/or get the whole picture unless I explain it all. I wonder isn't that the whole point of poetry whether that is a shortcoming on my part; I do tend to be rather vague and mysterious when I write poems. 
And this one is no different:


With a sigh, I turn away
Your pleading eyes beg me to stay
But you know that I must go
For over me, my heart holds sway

The golden sun vanishes from sight
A lone star twinkles, oh so bright
And the soft whispers of the wind
Accompany the approach of twilight

The time has come, the tide is high
With a hopeful heart, I look to the sky
Oh, how I've wished for this moment
So, for me, dear one, do not cry

For too long have I been repressed
Unable to command my life; so helpless
But no more; now, I stand tall
My life is my own; no one else's

The strong fires of my soul will burn
And I walk away with a pounding heart
Away from a life that was naught but a lie
But to you, little one, I promise to return

The image I had in my head while I wrote this was that of a rich boy (maybe the son of a nobleman or a prince?) who had spent all his life being told what to do. People had such high expectations of him that his family strove to make him grow up to be what everyone wanted him to be. His decisions were made for him and no one asked what it was that he wanted. He was forced to live a style of life that he never desired, but no one ever gave him a choice. The outside world was forbidden to him and he knew no play or joy, only the suffocating rules and laws enforced by his parents.

Finally, when he comes of age, he sets out to put a stop to it. He has had enough of being a puppet and living a shallow lie. Now, he is his own man and nothing can stop him from chasing his dreams. So he sets off one night after the sun sets, leaving his homeland behind. He goes to live his own life, walking away from the nightmares of his severe childhood. This is what makes up the main body of this poem.

The other person mentioned here as "dear one" and "little one" is someone I imagine to have been the rich youth's only friend during his lonely childhood. Someone younger than him; perhaps the daughter of a steward or servant. She is the only one who listened to his sorrows and understood him, and brought him smiles and laughter at the end of particularly hard days. When he leaves at the end, he has to leave her behind as well; hence the "Your pleading eyes beg me to stay". But he promises his young friend that one day, he will surely come back to her. That part can almost be perceived as a pre-romance.

This is the imagery I had in my mind when I wrote this. And the song I was humming to myself at the time was the one Liv Tyler sang in the extended version of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, the deleted scene Eowyn's Healing. It was, you could say, my inspiration for this poem. :)

Image used is copyright of www.shutterstock.com

Oct 7, 2010

The Unthinkable

Wow, it's happened ...

Once upon a time, a thirteen-year-old me said to my brother in response to his suggestion of my starting a blog,
"Me? Blog? Pfft, no way! I got nothing to write and it's a total waste of time. Not happening, nuh uh."

And now look where I stand. Looks like I'll be eating my words for lunch today.

In my defense, though, I blame all this on Nao. Not only has she successfully corrupted my mind with j - dorama and the interactions of j - idols, but she also got me to join blogger. It's the only way I can read her private blog, which is full of things I want to read ...


-sigh- And since I'm here now, I figured I might as well as do this thing properly. Seems like a good place to publish my poetry, ramblings, thoughts and general nonsense xD

Hmm ... I'll start with poetry ...