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Dec 21, 2010

Of all things to get obsessed with ...

... it just had to be KANJANI8!!!

*somewhere far, far away, hell freezes over*

I mean, seriously, how the heck did that happen?!

It was not love at first sight, that I can promise you. Don't get me wrong, I didn't dislike them, but they just simply didn't strike me as anything special.

My first exposure to this musician band of seven Osakan boys - I refuse to call them men; they act nothing like adults which is probably why I was first attracted to them - was when Nao showed me their music feature film, "8UPPERS". I wrote a review about it in which I praised the film, the music and their acting. At that time, I thought, 'These guys ain't bad' and that was pretty much it. The end.

Afterwards, Nao - in her tireless endeavors to convert me into a JE fangirl and pretty much succeeding - gave me a bunch of their musi - I mean, "promotional videos", interviews and variety shows blah blah blah and told me to do my homework aka watch them at home and educate myself on the glittering, rainbow-ed, sequined world of JE idols. (If you just rolled your eyes right now, I totally understand. xD)

So, I had a couple hundred GBs worth of stuff to watch, but I was not in the mood for Kanjani8.
KAT-TUN, the sexy guys? Sure. NEWS, the cool dudes? Definitely (Yamapi and Ryo-chan! ~<3). But Kanjani8, the crazy wackjobs boys? Mehh ...

The only thing that attracted me to K8 was Ryo's presence. I love the guy and figured that if he's one of them, watching their stuff might just be worth it ...

Boy, did I have an eye-opener waiting for me in those sly folders containing the K8 awesomesauce!

It began because I was bored. I saw all the K8 stuff waiting for me and I just went ahead and clicked on them.
I saw their PVs.
I saw them on talk shows.
I saw them on variety programmes.
I saw ... so much.

And then it just happened.

I fell in love. With the whole bunch of them.

It would be normal, I guess, for a girl to become infatuated with a band because they looked all hawt and sexy or something.
(Heck, even K8 shows off that side every once in a while):

Ooh la la~! Pretty boys are pretteh!

But that is the last reason why I fell for them. Hell, it's not even a reason!

No, why I'm head over heels in love with Kanjani8 is because of:

Their K8-patented randomness,

Getting b!tch-slapped never looked so fun :P
Their epic craziness,

Chibified heart breaks + random ang-ray black dood? Tee hee xD
Their contagious hilarity,

I'll be lucky if I don't start dancing and screeching, "WAHAHA!!!" every time I clean my bathroom now -_-
 The sheer joy and energy they exude,

Ooh, sparkl~ey! Ed-weird Cullen would burst into tears if he saw this ;P
Their gay attention-whoring ridiculous costumes and poses,

I could feel my eyeballs sizzling the first time I watched this 0.o
("ridiculous" doesn't even cover it!)

My brain imploded. 'Nuff said.
Their unexpected WTF moments,

Umm ... yeah ... uh huh, right ... ehhhhh ....
Their occasional ... um ... fanservice?

The least crazy, quiet and well-mannered duo, Tacchon and Ryo-chan? ... I died xO
And their total shamelessness/awesomesauce!

Why, hello thar, sexeh ladehs. (Yasu and Tacchon are WIN! xD)

So ...

Yeah. I know.

But there we have it. Kanjani8 has shot straight to the very top of my favourite J-idol groups list and I have a feeling they're there to stay for a long time. They're crazy, their songs are hilarious-bordering-on-retarded, and their interactions with each other and KinKi Kids make me ROTFLMAO every single time.
Heh, never thought I'd prefer outrageous humour in a musician band to talent and good songs (not that these guys don't have 'em all; they do, IMO at least).

But the real reason why they're my favourite, I think, is:

"Give us a sparkly idol smile!"
These guys are fully aware that they're a bunch of bat-sh!t insane weirdos. They created a unique image for themselves and they wear it with pride and joy. And I love them for it.