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Jun 9, 2011

Random JE Shizz

Hmm, maybe not exactly, since "JE" is of a much wider range, but this post is limited to only KAT-TUN, NEWS and Kanjani8 from Johnny-san's various disciples. Arvy totally has a point, OK.

Am stealing this from Nao (format and all >D), the thievery of which can be traced all the way back to Tumblr, apparently. I really need to find something better to do at 12.30 a.m. on a Thursday night. Like sleeping >_>

• 2 Favorite Members: Nakamaru Yuichi ♥, Taguchi Junnosuke. I like dorky, weird-ass guys, OK -_-
• 3 OTPs: KameMaru, JunKo, AkaMaru. I obviously prefer weird-ass ships, too.
• Funniest member: Junno. Hey, his jokes may fall flat, but they entertain xD
• Prettiest member: Torn between Pretty Princess Ueda and Jun-chan, the anomaly whose pretty never fails.
• Most bad-ass member: Koki, backwards cap, bling and piano skills and all that sh!t >D
• Member I’d like as my BFF: Maru ^o^ He'd be my confidante/pet/future-husbando-on-a-leash ahahaha.
• Member that’s ruined my life: None, yet. Yes, I pride myself on that xD

• 2 Favorite Members: Nishikido Ryo, Yamashita Tomohisa (yes, the dead-fish).
• 3 OTPs: TegoMassu, NishiKato, TegoPi. What, these ships are intriguing, OK!
• Funniest member: *long, uncertain silence* Eh ... Koyama? Maybe?
• Prettiest member: Pretty Pi is pretty. It's irrevocable.
• Most bad-ass member: Poison-tongued NSKD, Ryo-chan and all. And Tego as the evil sidekick.
• Member I’d like as my BFF: Tego. Evil people go together >8D
• Member that’s ruined my life: None here, too. *triumph*

 関ジャニ∞! <-- OHWOWLOOKIT'SKANJI can you tell I copy-pasted this from Nao? >.> 
• 2 Favorite Members: Nishikido Ryo, Yokoyama You ♥. The snarly, sarcastic evil-genius ball of lurve ohohoho
• 3 OTPs: YokoYass, RyoKura, YaSuba - oh heck, just mix 'em up and gimme; I got no complaints xD
Funniest Weirdest member: Ryuhei~ xD Oh Maru-chan, why your first name so pretteh?
• Prettiest member: Tacchon. All arguments stating otherwise are invalid.
• Most bad-ass member: Between Dokkun's dokkun and Hina's tsukkomi, which doesn't spare even mannequins, who am I supposed to choose?? 0.o
• Member I’d like as my BFF: Kimi-kun xD. We shall be the evil twins, plotting evil deeds together mwahaha.
• Member that’s ruined my life: THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM AJSKDJFKL

And since I'm ignoring that it's 1.00 a.m. now, I'm gonna do a SuJu version just for the hell of it.

Super Junior!
• 2 Favorite Members: Eunhyuk, Yesung. I did mention I adore dorky, weird-ass dudes. And Heechul's speshul, so he's automatically included OK.
• 3 OTPs: Kangin/Sungmin, Heechul/Eunhyuk - (Intimate Note is unhealthy, obviously) - Kyuhyun/raeping/Everyone.
• Funniest/Weirdest member: Heechul and Yesung, respectively. Though Chullie applies to both.
• Prettiest member: Heechul! No buts. Sungmin comes very close, though.
• Most bad-ass member: Kangin ^o^ The biggest bully on the playground with a heart of mush and gold.
• Member I’d like as my BFF: Leeteuk. We'd be dorks together and I'll make fun of his laugh everyday xD
• Member that’s ruined my life: It'd be a slash between Heechul-Kangin-Sungmin-Eunhyuk. Go away, Kyuhyun, not you, too! D:

And now, I REALLY should get some sleep >.>

Jun 6, 2011


So, yeah ... I had some free time. And I was inspired. So ... I captioned some Super Junior pictures xD

Before we get to them, this is my first time attempting this, so don't judge me too hard if my captions suck, K. And also, these pictures are obviously not mine. I just stole them off the internetz and had my wicked way with them. Credits to whom they belong ^^


(Right click and open them in a new tab for full view, please)

And that's all for tonight, folks! I had wa~y too much fun with this. xD