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Mar 31, 2012

Tip to future potential suitors

You can keep your expensive roses, teddy bears, cars and diamonds.

But propose to me with this:

- and I just might marry you on the spot. 

Mar 28, 2012


(Or ... Arvy Can Haz Life? NO.)

I should be studying for my huge ass Chem quiz next week, but there is much to be ranted and vented. Includes a wee bit of the unchanging, harsh, thorn-in-the-side real life and much about fandom - why do I even have so much to say on the subject? (>o<) - so if you no like walls of text, shoo!

I suppose it starts with how I made the mistake of assuming that this year would be a 'quiet' year. There was a ton of personal problems earlier, yeah, but apart from that, I thought 2012 would be pretty subdued. And I kind of need things to be low-key because I'm currently going through my second year of Uni, which has the ultimate bulge of the workload and eats up all my time, energy and concentration (here's a good testimony to that: I've been able to write next to nothing this year. NOTHING. No fanfiction, no original stories, nada. =_= Sucks so bad, but true).

But, yeah, I need to focus on my studies and the million and one projects they've dropped on our heads. A quiet year would be very nice, I thought, and things certainly did look that way as far as fandom went -
Like, SuJu's group appearances on varieties are not much since they went on their break after the Mr Simple promotions, and are now still mostly working abroad with their SS4 concerts. The official concert DVD will not be released for the next several months (most likely only after SS5 begins >_> SM, you douche of a tease, y u troll us so? D=), so I don't have much to spazz over the SuJu front. 
Contributing factors include Heechul having left last year to join the military for two bloody years, and Leeteuk and Yesung following in Heechul's footsteps this year. Two of my biases, dammit! Gone, or about to be. For two freaking years. T-T Yesungie, nyuuuuu~ ... at least Eunhyuk's still there. For now. ;-; 

So, yep, there I was, naively thinking to myself that with much less excitement to spazz over, I would actually be able to concentrate on Uni and be productive and prioritize my life and stuff. 

I forgot to take Kanjani8 into account.



I'm an idiot, why didn't I see it coming?? I mean, I watched that frickin' 2011-2012 Johnny's Countdown! They mentioned that this would be Kanjani8's 8th year anniversary! The EIGHTH anniversary!!! To hell with the 5th or 10th, obviously the ultimate celebration for Eito would be the 8th one. WHY DIDN'T I SEE THE SIGNS?


Where do I even begin? Their Eito Rangers movie??? A movie. They're making a freakin' movie. Of the Eito Rangers!! OMG, I have ... no words ... 
I literally had a LE GASP reaction when I first heard of it (or read about it more like; thanks, Nao, for that enlightening text), and so did Neji when I showed it to her followed by much rolling around on the bed squealing. And then I messaged Rif - the woman who conveniently left for India just when the sh!t was about to get real - and she, being the incomparable genius that she is, skipped the entire word "Rangers" and thought there would be just another Eito movie and began happily spazzing about a potential equivalent to 8Uppers, until I shoved this in her face, which finally brought about the same reaction as my own: "just ... no words ..."

HA HA SERIOUSLY?!?!?! XD Who even got the idea of making their cracky concert comedy skits into a full-fledged movie?! xD Not that I'm complaining or anything - it wouldn't be Kanjani8 without some uproarious, outrageous WTFery involved xD - but how do they even intend to accomplish that? These are originally kontos that we're talking about :D I'll be honest, I have no idea what to expect. Because. Eito. Rangers. Movie. ? MIND CAN NOT COMPREHEND. 8D

Rif and I eventually got around to talking about it online. Most of the talk revolved around a lot of "O__O"s and "OMG BWAAHHAAHHAAA WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING??? XDDD"s, but we both agreed that if they're making a movie, we definitely want Eito's patented ad-libbing skills put to full use in it. To hell with a set script. As if Yokocho, the king of on-the-spot ad-libbing, would let someone as trivial as a screenwriter stop them xP 
Not to mention all the silly, wacky "problems" that the Rangers always run into during their usual skits, haha! I supposed that'd involve a lot of Yoko and Subaru going all up in each other's faces? xD Also Rif is very much against the idea of them having CGI super powers (her heart is entirely set on their concert skits, I think). 
Meh, I dunno how to comment on that part, seeing as this is a movie and they are supposed to be a sentai squad (or the whacked up K8 parody of Power Rangers as I like to call it, whichever), so ... =/

Hmm, I dunno. What I do know is that the director is the same dude that belted out Stand Up!!, which is perverted humour bordering on crack, with some serious life issues chucked in, and I actually enjoyed that drama, so I'm just gonna assume he knows what he's dealing with and have faith in Eito :D
Which also means that I CANNOT WAIT FOR JULY TO COME ALREADY OMG and I hope someone like enshinge will be a doll - ain't she always? xD - and get working on the subs soonish after the film's release so that all of us Japanese-skills-limited lesser souls can enjoy the crack as soon as possible, too XD 
*cough or maybe Nao could translate the whole damn thing for me just like she did with 8Uppers cough*

And as if a film as screwed up as that particular one was not enough, then I find out that Ryo's got a new drama coming out 8Q 
NSKD being in a drama in itself is enough to get me excited because heck that man can act, but I'm sorry what? He's starring in it - as himself? As Nishikido Ryo, an idol from Johnny's Jimusho? (O_O) Intriguing. 
And what's that? His character is getting married to an older woman with three kids, which leads to objections from the jimusho against a married idol? (^_~) Ooh, me likey. 
Oh, and "His activities as an idol continues while hiding his marriage to both the fans and even other Kanjani 8 members"? Whoa, I'm already hooked to the plot WAIT, WHAT
"Other Kanjani 8 members will also make appearance as themselves."
 ... O________________________O
This better get subs. Immediately. Without delay. It has to. It just has to. Oh, that reminds me: APRIL. GET OVER HERE. NOW.

And then I hear that both the movie and the drama are mere precursors to the actual huge ass activities they have planned to celebrate their 8th anniversary later this year. O.o XD OH. MY. EIGHT. ALL THE FEELINGS. NO, SERIOUSLY. THEY CANNOT BE ADEQUATELY DESCRIBED WITH WORDS. IMPOSSIBRU

That was about the point where I began experiencing Kanjani8 withdrawals - because how do they expect us to just wait patiently, with those epic teases T-T - and ended up watching bits and pieces of their shows and concerts almost every night before going to bed. Also downloaded almost every subbed goodness I came across. Just because. The condition grew worse when the release date for the Eight x Eighter concert DVD was announced and I don't remember the last time I'd ever felt so impatient for something. I swear, I almost drowned myself in their previous cons, waiting.

Of course it would be a couple of days after the release when people could actually start uploading the damn thing to the internet, but I was so impatient that, for the first time in my life, I seriously considered actually spending big bucks to buy myself a copy online. And when I say big bucks, it means more than $70. Or $80, if you're talking about the Limited Edition. 
It took a few mental slaps to the face to remind myself that it would take about the same amount of time to have the DVD shipped to me as waiting for someone to upload it. Thank God I waited, cos barely two days later, it was available on the interwebz. In awesome quality, I might add. HUZZAH xD (I also don't have that kinda money to buy such expensive goodies, dammit T-T But I also know that if I did, Eito is one of the very very very few things on Earth that I'd happily spend on. /sigh)

Downloading the concert was torture. TORTURE. ;-; Because it was the last Thursday of our mid-term break - *snort* A "break" they call it, by shoving mountains of assignments and exams to get ready for on us during the "break" - and I had my Chem lab project due on Sunday and the mid-sem Psych test on Monday. How was I supposed to concentrate on the saline levels of ground water or why students in the classroom are such obnoxious little brats when I had so much awesome steadily downloading onto my laptop?!

Neji and I had an epic Facebook comment battle over the matter, in which much dramatics and over-abuse of the capslock were involved. She promised to have me slaughtered if I didn't wait for the whole concert to download and watch it with her the next day. The next day. (T-T) I don't know what sort of restraint I used or where it came from that I actually managed to obey her and not touch the concert and freaking finish my Chem project before our little concert date, but I did and it is a feat I am immensely proud of. (Though throughout the whole ordeal, I could almost physically feel the spazzy sparkly Eito awesomesauce oozing out of my laptop and threatening to suffocate me while I was desperately trying to focus on silly Chem shiz who cares about the inorganic properties of Male's groundwater D<).

But the magical moment finally came and Neji and I settled down in front of my comp with the speakers on full blast and a bowl of nacho cheese flavoured tortillas, cha chas and coke within our grasp and THE SPAZZING COMMENCED. ;-; ALL THE FEELINGS. Wow. I just cannot - 
I dunno what it is with Kanjani8; whether I'm just finding more and more things about them to love or I'm just falling in love with them all over again every single time. But I just know that I keep on falling deeper and deeper. I don't even try to reason anymore.

The concert is EPIC. Goes without saying, but I had to say it. And epic does not even cover it. If I wanted to blog the whole thing, then it would be a monstrous post (yes, even more monstrous than this ridiculously long one) with a section for every single effin' song performed, complete with countless screencaps and gifs and of course mindless incohorent flail-spazzing, because SO MANY MOMENTS T-T 
Kanjani8. They never fail to blow my mind. ♥ 
There have been so many times when they made me think, 'Now I've seen everything', but then somehow they manage to pull off something else that makes me think that again and it just keeps going on and on and it's a cycle that never ends. Even when I'm fully expecting some crazy sh!t from them, they manage to derail my mind. 
I love the variety, the utterly unexpected that comes with all their natural humour and fun dynamic and down-to-earth unrestrained personalities and undeniable love for each other. And so much more, because there is so much more to them than can be summarized in a few words. 

Getting sentimental? Yep. BUT YES, EPIC, BRILLIANT, FUNNY, TEH SHINY, MULTICOLOURED, FAILY AWESOME CONCERT WAS EPIC, BRILLIANT, FUNNY, TEH SHINY, MULTICOLOURED,  AND FAILY AWESOME. Neji and I watching it together involved much laughter, hoots, singing, laughter, yelling, squealing, laughter, screaming, chanting, laughter and, of course, ovaries exploding. 
There are too many such moments to list them all, but let's just say that during a time when I've utterly grown fed up with vampires with good reason, Kanjani8 - of all the people in the world - went ahead and freaking did THIS.

Dye D was already one of my favourite songs from their Fight album (mind you, a ton of them are my "favourites" cos Fight is just too awesome, as is the case with plenty of their other albums xD). Way to give me a reason to adore that song more, Eito. With the cost of my ovaries - no, wait. I've long since lost them to spontaneous combustion, damn you all xD

I don't dare even contemplate what else they have got planned for this year, especially as August draws nearer. I. Just. Can't. OMG Eito, why couldn't you have debuted in 2005 or something so that your eighth would be next year? My workload will be lightest then. Why THIS year, Eito? WHY? T-T So much epic sh!t happening on the internet and I gotta think about Uni. Ugh. Don't do this to me.

And I just remembered! O_O Their anniversary is in August and that would be during my second sem this year and - sh!te, what if it coincides with my Teaching Practicum? What if I'm in the atolls at that time with crappy Internet, learning to teach brats while so much epicness is happening in the far east? D:

I'm sure, on some level (as in, actual priorities and real life level) all this is very very very inconsequential in the vastness of this Universe or something like that, but it is important to me right now. Perhaps cos my priorities have always been rather messed up, but I can't bring myself to bother about that at the moment, because K8 is something I care about on a level that even I don't really understand at times. 
(If I tried, I could probably write an essay on it. Because there are reasons, deep and genuine and serious, as to why I love them so much and it's not just for entertainment. There is so much more to it, connecting with my own life and how I feel about certain things and how I see people and the world. I know this much myself, because I don't fall easily for people.)

My patience is gonna be tested real good this year, I can just tell. But I shall wait if I have to. And I am going to fully enjoy it all. My precious Kansai boys and work to get good marks in my classes. So much has been going to hell lately - especially our Bio experiment which we had to restart with barely a month left to the dead line D= - and so many things, so much pressure, so much stress, so little time. But I really want to make my second year of Uni work out well, so I'll really try. (If I fail anything - and I won't, insha Allah - I'm legit blaming everything on Kanjani8, so there >.<)

All this worrying over missing their anniversary suddenly reminded me of how I used to be afraid that I might die before JKR finished the last Harry Potter book. lol xD 
So, what if I died before August (I hope that won't happen...)? I liked Nao's idea of asking for downloads in the afterlife hahahaha xD