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Apr 16, 2012

A Short Journey

(Tumblr is an awesome place to steal pics/gifs from)

I missed it all. 

The constant chatterbox that can't keep a secret to save his life, the incessant pranks, the unrestrained laughter, the husky husky voice, the bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-mush - I missed Kangin. Badly.

And now he's back.

After two freaking years in the military, Kim Youngwoon is BACK.

I'm not even gonna attempt to express ALL TEH FEELINGZ right now. 

Or think depressing thoughts like how Leeteuk is gonna enlist this year, and Yesung the year after (not my Jongwoon, please, not for two whole years D'=), and that one by one, all of them will have to temporarily leave anyway. 
Or the fact that Heechul's already left for the army last year, Kibum is still off acting with no indication of returning whatsoever, and that Hangeng will never be coming back. Ever. Or the fear of premature disbandment.
(Going a little bit off-topic here, but I just highlighted a couple of the reasons why I'm kinda relieved that I'm more involved in the Japanese fandoms. There I don't have to worry about half a group missing due to military duties, or them being cursed to last only five years before disbanding ;-; SJ's six years going on seven, so in yer face, stupid K-pop myth D:)

Anyway, the important thing is, Kangin's back. And SJ is just a little bit whole again. And that's all that matters right now. All I need is to see him performing with the rest of them again or his funny self on variety shows - I just need to really see Kangin again. T-T

He was one of my first biases and, to this day, is still very high on my list. I missed you, Kim Youngwoon aka Korean No.1 Raccoon xD


Oh and, uh. Quick epiphany here. With Kangin coming back, I just realised something else came back too. Or rather, came alive again.

My KangMin shipper heart. (T-T) NO. SERIOUSLY. WHYYY. DON'T DO THIS TO ME.

Kangin/Sungmin - my first ever SJ OTP. I know it's one of the rarest pairings within the whole group, but I used to ship them so hard. 

Used to.

Or so I thought, until I saw that Sungmin had also gone to welcome Kangin back and everything just came flooding back to me and I sorta realised that I never really stopped shipping them after all; that part of my heart was just dormant for these past several months, BUT NOW YES I WANT MOAR OF THE RARE AND SO VERY PRECIOUS AWESOME THAT IS TEH KANGMIN BROMANCE

Seeing old pictures ... why, yes. I do ship it. Hard. Because of reasons, okay. SO. MANY. REASONS.

Old OTP just cropped back up again, yes ♥ (to join the current ranks of Heechul/Eunhyuk and Yesung/Kyuhyun. Just my luck that my preferences are so screwed up that I always fall for the hardcore rare pairings. It's almost sad, but I REGRET NOTHING xD)

Oh, oh and - KANGIN'S BACK XD 

Apr 10, 2012

Damn that little Devil's Disciple

Once upon a time, I decided that I shall exercise as much self restraint as possible and will not, under any circumstances, (entirely) sell my soul to the Devil, the Devil being the Internet in this context. 

I already have too many sites and profiles to manage, I told myself, and will not open anymore. I won't have a life - well, even less than the non-life I already lead - if I get another one. So,

When LJ pals gushed over the joys of tumblr and twitter and not-so-subtly hinted they wanted me to join - "No, I refuse."

When Neji used blatant emotional blackmail into getting me to open a tumblr - "No, I refuse."

When certain LJ pals pointedly began repeating their so-extremely-not-very-subtle hints - "No, I refuse."

When Neji made it her ultimate mission in life to get me to open a tumblr - "No, I refuse."

When Rif the Devil's Disciple slyly showed me her tumblr - "No, I - I ... -


You won this round, Devil >.< 

Not yet, though. I won't open one yet. Not until this semester's finished at least (if I can last that long. >.> The need to be up to date is too strong). But later. Yeah. /le sigh