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Dec 22, 2012

The unfortunate case of the stubborn blacks

Turns out my hair, which has been pretty much in ruins since my teens due to the ill curses of envious bastards (or so my father loves to claim), is a lot stronger - or rather, pigheaded - than we thought it to be.

Today marks the first time in my life in which I attempted to colour my hair, attempted being the keyword because the jet black pigments of my hair are just far too stubborn to be coaxed out by bleach. While Sai and Sabi got immediate results, Rif and I needed at least three applications of bleach. Even then, the few strands of hair I allowed my cousins to mess around with only turned a darkish brown in colour. 

I was sorely disappointed.

Thing is, I've never liked the idea of dying my hair. Sure, I love burgundy hair or highlights, but as for my own, I've always loved it black. Mostly because that is the only factor about it that I really love now; it used to be gorgeous and voluminous and straight once upon a time before self-destructing at some point of my life, but even now, so many people comment on how unnaturally black my hair is. Not even the tiniest hint of brown, which apparently is uncommon among Maldivians. So I've always loved it like that.

But today, peer pressure happened. My cousins love dying their hair every colour imaginable. I've always been terrified of destroying my hair even more than it already is, so I've never allowed anyone to mess with it, until today. Still, I only let them bleach a few strands under the condition that they don't touch the roots.

So, imagine my disappointment when even three washes of bleach only resulted in dark brown strands. True, I like my hair black, but if I am to highlight it, then I'd like the full result, please.

Since I didn't have much to work with, I decided to dye my poorly bleached strands with a strong pink colour. It was the right decision because it at least gave my hair a pretty reddish hue. (However, I may or may not be mildly jealous of Sai's current burgundy hair, and Sabi and Rif's red, dark pink and blue highlights. Sai's hair in particular got bleached nicely into a beautiful gold colour on the first try...)

Later, I changed my mind and decided that I quite like my hair in spite of everything. It starts off with a dark pinkish tinge at the top before fading into a reddish brown to the tips. And besides, 97% of my hair is still jet black, so the slight contrast looks nice.
(In addition, Sai playfully added that the muted colour is probably a good thing since a brighter colour might have freaked my mother out. Good point, though surprisingly Mum did say that my hair looked nice afterwards. Unexpected, but I'm not complaining xD Mum is more terrified than I am about the possible negative consequences of messing with my hair lol)

This episode will probably never happen again, because there is no way I'm gonna go through all this trouble on my own just to highlight my stubborn black hair (one of the hair dyes promised it would cover even stubborn greys; Pity there ain't any for stubborn blacks >.>). Unless my cousins and I end up together again like this - it's been two years since the last time all four of us were hanging out together - then I might try.

For now though, let's see how long this reddish pink hue lasts ^^

Dec 20, 2012


In which Arvy feels guilty for not blogging in forever because she is, you know, lazy, but hates the thought of having a blogspot for no good reason anyway no, Nao, just having a blogger for the sole sake of reading your silly thoughts does not count lol jk jk i luv u and besides, she is in India now so she might as well write a short post, but should probably stop this silly run-on sentence (and referencing to herself in third person) now already.

For starters, my mother is finally letting me grow up. It's been 21 years, but heck yeah, finally. Because, by mother's standards, allowing me to fly off to Bangalore, India alone with no chaperone or flying buddy is the human equivalent to the mother bird letting her chicks leave the nest. 

This is not my first time here - I went to Trivandrum when I was 6, and then to Mysore when I was 16 - but the feeling is still the same: everything feels new. :D 
Or maybe that is just the refreshing feeling of being anywhere that is not Maldives. Or rather, Male' - which is suffocating in every sense of the word.

There are the highways and the half-naked children peeing by the walls and the traffic traffic traffic as we speed our way through Bangalore city to get to Mysore, but the moment when it actually feels like India is when you see either the free-roaming cow on the street and/or the racketing kurolhi bungling along. Whichever; take your pick xD. 
(Pity I'm not in Jaipur; might see elephants then lol)

When I last visited my cousins in Mysore five years ago, we went to sight-see all sorts of places like the Brindavan Gardens, the Bird Sanctuary, the zoo, the Mysore City Palace (riding elephants and camels hurr), the Shimshore Waterfalls (I have no idea how that is spelled >.>), the Chamundi Hills, etc. But since my uncle recently went through a serious surgery and my father's already been here two months to help him till he gets better, driving all over the place is a no. Though my dad and I've been dying to go to Ooty for years now. 
But it's fine since the sole reason for my visit this time was to visit Rif, with Sabi and Sai who flew over a week later from Malaysia. Fitting, since it was Rif and I who visited them in Malay in 2010 xD

I forget how fun it is, being with my cousins. I have cousins all over the place, but this particular batch from my father's side is the spazzy, shameless, insane ones. xD AHHHH I'VE MISSED YOU BISHES~<3

The "adventure" this time is, of course, small-scale due to afore-mentioned reasons, but no less fun, I find. 

It goes without saying that food is one of the main perks of being in India (or any place that is not Maldives. Seriously, this is going to be a running gag in this post, be warned). All the usual places - McDonald's, KFC, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, etc - are places I've visited before, but it's been years since my last time, so my taste buds were singing in bliss these past several days. ^o^ (I sincerely hope my grandkids will get to experience this in Maldives even if I can't >.>)

However, this time, with no parental supervision to hinder me, I was all set to introduce my taste buds to real Indian cuisine as well. Not that my parents are against traditional food or anything, but it will be a cold day in Hell before my mother will come within a five foot radius of a roadside stand or kada to eat a bowl of steaming hot gobi manchurian straight off from the fire. And yes I have done this and yes it was effin' delish and yes I am fully aware of the hygiene issues surrounding these stands, but I'm still going to indulge in this experiencing-India-the-Indian-way I've got rollin'. :D 
(Besides, we're using Rif, who doesn't hesitate to eat from these stands, as a template. Like Sabi so aptly put it, if she ain't dead yet and walkin' straight, stands to reason we will, too. lol)

And don't get me started on the little restaurants and bakeries hidden in nooks and crannies all over this place. Eating Chinese here is so freakin' different than eating Chinese in Male' (and so much more worth your money's value); and oh-my-gawd ... I do not even want to set foot in a bakery in Male' ever again. /crying/ Why can't I live here and just get fat(ter) and die happy and satisfied?

Yep, I can rave about food forever anyway, so moving on -
I've never been happier that my uncle chose a house in a slightly rural-suburban area ... definitely beats living in the city and definitely beats living in Male'. :O This post is turning into one with me hating on my home island now, but so be it. The houses here are kinda quaint, but spacious and lovely and homely and has nearly everything I've dreamed of having in my dream house ... I do not want to go back to living in a "flat" again - this is what a home should feel like...:3

And wow, shopping. I hate shopping with a burning passion and going into clothes store even in the malls here bore me out (not as much as Male' does, but I'd still rather not step foot in clothes/accessories/cosmetics/shoe shops), but the bookstores, man ... the books. Need I even say more? I can actually get stuff here, yanno? Here it comes again - the good things about places that are not Maldives. Told you it's be an ongoing gag.
There are still more bookshops to visit, so I'll just contain my spazzing for now. But my JKR and Murakami feels? OBTAINED. FOOK YEAH.
(I also came across the books of A Song of Ice and Fire and The Complete Collection of Calvin and Hobbes. My fingers are itching and OHMYGAWSHSHUTUPANDTAKEMYMONEY but getting them all home with a weight of, like, 10 kg extra? I can't ask my parents to spend that much just for excess baggage money T.T)

I recently found out that Athena Cinema in Male' finally reopened as Schwack Cinema and that it is actually pretty up-to-date now, without showing movies from, like, half a year ago. As happy as I am to hear it - though Schwack is a horrible choice for a name, though it might be a chain name, I dunno - I still doubt I'd enjoy a 3D movie experience there ... My first 3D experience of watching Avatar at Athena is a topic best left undiscussed and I still have not forgiven the staff there.

On the other hand - 
Watching Life of Pi here (LOL IT'S PAI NOT PEE AHAHAHAHA PISCENE PISSING LOL SORRY COULDN'T RESIST) is what I actually count as my first 3D experience. It did not involve wearing silly paper glasses with one red eye and one blue eye, and the screen was actually big enough for the 3D effect to work, and it did not induce a migraine unlike some places I could mention, and it was freakin' enjoyable. :D Yay more good things about places that is anywhere but Maldives.

That said, I would love to write a review for Life of Pi, but it's such a beautiful movie - visually and plotwise - and meaningful in a way I cannot really define right now that I think I'd like to see it a second time before I even attempt a review (but that probably won't happen, considering how carefree and lazy I tend to me lol)
I also intend to search for the book now since I've learned of its existence (the real good thing about movie adaptations, seriously).


There is still more fun to be had such as visiting Fantasy Park (aka water amusement park huzzah it's been two years since Malay xD) and arcades and possibly even the Innovative Film City which Rif has been bragging to me about for more than a year now. And of course, there is more food to be had and special ice cream parlours to visit and more spazzing ahead.
(Rif and I slowly brainwashing Sabi into Kanjani8 now. She was Ryo-baited into it lol xD Just like me. Liking insane dorks ... I swear it's a genetic thing...)

Huh. So much for a short blog post. Ah well, whatevs. Might write more later ^^
Will be back in Jan 2. Time is flying by too past T.T