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May 15, 2013

Drabble fic: "Enough"

Title: Enough 
Pairing: Ohkura-centric, mild Ohkura/Yoko 
Genre: Borderline angst 
Summary: A little drabble on the theme of Ohkura's birthday and then some. 

Note: There is nothing really special about this tiny drabble. I was just overcome with the need to write a few nights back and I did. I don't have the confidence to put this up on LJ yet, this being the first thing I've ever written for K8 and also without a plot or anything. But it being Tacchon's birthday, I just wanted to share this somewhere. 

Sometimes, he thinks that Yoko will never be able to meet his eyes and smile genuinely to wish him a happy birthday again. Yoko’s birthday greetings to him have all boiled down to emails now. 

Straightforward. Monotonous. Just a simple acknowledgement that he remembers what day it is. 

However, as he holds up his phone and rereads Yoko’s simple message again, he thinks that this is more than enough. 

It’s more than enough that Yoko still greets him, no matter how impersonally. 

It’s more than enough that Yoko never forgets about Ohkura, even on his mother’s death anniversary. 

(Maybe, one day, Yoko will once more look in his eyes, smile bright and sincere, hand him a gift and wish him personally again. But for now, this is OK, Ohkura thinks. He saves the message to the little folder containing all of Yoko’s birthday greetings to him for the past three years.)