... in which I kill time by the hour ...

Nov 7, 2015

Poetry: "Demons"

The only thing holding you back from change ... is yourself. You are your own demon...


What if I told you
The only demon you face
Is the fear you embrace
Within your heart that
Keeps holding you back

What if I told you
The only enemy by far
Is the dread you harbour
Running inside your veins
That binds you in chains

What if I told you
The only prison to exist
Is the terror you build
Within your own mind
That leaves you blind

What if I told you
The only monster that be
Is the one you always see
Looking right back at ya
In your dull cracked mirror

Sep 21, 2015

Poetry: "Of death and dreams"

Inspired by the world today ... war and death ...


I dream of worlds
Beyond; a heaven
Where hopes and dreams
Are yet unbroken

I dream of people
Who glow and smile
With bliss and joy
That’s still alive

I dream of times
So long gone by
Where stars adorned
The great night sky

But then I wake
To fire and blood
And dream of death
With eyes open

Sep 9, 2015

Poetry: "Turn back the clock"

Woke up at 4.30 in the morning on Tuesday with this poem in my head. Wrote this half asleep.
Growing up to see the ugliness of the world is what makes you wish to be forever young and innocent...


When rose-coloured glasses shatter
Revealing a burning world in tatters
                    ‘Oh, turn back the clock,’ you cry
              ‘And give back my ignorance’

When family once thought "perfect"
Reveal their hoard of dark secrets
                   ‘Oh, turn back the clock,’ you cry
             ‘And give back my childhood’

When friends you surely "knew"
Leave with their backs on you
                   ‘Oh, turn back the clock,’ you cry
              ‘And give back my innocence’

When lovers and promises made
Fade and leave you betrayed
                   ‘Oh, turn back the clock,’ you cry
              ‘And give back my happiness’

Yet there are those good and true
Forever remain standing by you
                       ‘Can’t turn back the clock,’ they say
                 ‘But we can give back your faith’

Sep 7, 2015

Poetry: "In a different universe..."

Inspired by the Multiverse theory: possibility of (in)finite parallel universes overlapping, where our lives are completely different in each one.


In a different universe
Our eyes meet just once
On a busy road; a mere glance
And brushing past each other
We morph again to strangers

In a different universe
Our words clash and blend
Strewn with laughter and lament
And our eyes gleaming with trust
Bespeak our friendship steadfast

In a different universe
Our voices are a wild cacophony
As we tremble with fiery enmity
And the ugly snarls on our faces
Hint at our mutual abhorrence

In a different universe
Our fingers lace together
While our hearts are a-flutter
And our smiles mark the coming
Of a “happy ever after” beginning

In at least one universe
Our stars are aligned to finally
Shape us as we were meant to be
And so, let’s make peace with that
Though this universe has us betrayed

BONUS: a verse I chose to omit from the final poem.

In a different universe
Our very existences to each other
Remain unknown; a veiled frontier
And the vast ocean separating us
Parts us no more than our ignorance

Sep 1, 2015

Poetry: "Obsession"

I was inspired by fanfics stories I recently read, which depicted human nature when it comes to unhealthy obsessions. I, of course, saw the opportunity to angst.


For you, I would have
Broken all my layers
Bared all my nature
Had you but only looked

For you, I would have
Saved every breath
Spilled every secret
Had you but only listened

For you, I would have 
Brought down the stars
Burned down Arcadia
Had you but only asked

For you, I would still
Wait upon this brink
Wane into this void
You need not even care

Aug 19, 2015

Poetry: "Utter Destruction"

After several years, poetry has crept back into my brain...


All the world
And all its evil
Could not break
Your hallowed spirit

Until you then
Placed your humble 
Heart inside my
Nefarious hands

And I looked on
As you crumbled
Your spirit broken
Burned to ash

Oh, who possibly
Could have believed
Love could wreak
Utter destruction