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Fandom Spazzes

Because I get way too many random urges to spazz over Kanjani8 and Super Junior, they actually needed their own page xD

  • SO. MUCH. STUFF - Flailing over YokoYasu + Kicyu, Johnny's Countdown 2011-2012, Merlin, SuJu
  • Bee Day Blues(?) - Plans for never-happening Eito PV + the thing about birthdays... 
  • Random JE Shizz - Meme for KAT-TUN, NEWS and Kanjani8 + Super Junior eh whut?
  • Of All Things to Get Obsessed With... - Falling completely, helplessly, irrevocably, madly, deeply, insanely, utterly, wholly, inexplicably in love - pure, unconditional love - with the most unlikeliest of bands: Kanjani8.